Monday, May 25, 2009

Here we go again...

LeMons car #3 for me. First, a small block-powered Volvo 940. Then an anemic '87 Civic. Now, hopefully something that ends up right in between those two. Sure, it may not be the most creative choice out there for a starting point. In fact, most LeMons afficionados (myself included) consider it one of the least creative, but damn if the E30 isn't one of the best driving cheap cars out there.

Our particular example is a semi-running 1985 eta:

The good:
- $550 including with a new set of Bilstein Sport struts
- Epic vanity plate
The bad:
- Bad starter
- The wiring is more of a mess than usual with an E30, due to a botched alarm install
The ugly:
- Giant rust hole in the floor pan
- Blown-out right rear strut bushing, causing the car to sound like a jackhammer while driving down the highway

  • The Car: $550

  • Nothing

Current Net Cost:
  • $550